Applied – PL


**You only need to perform Setup once, after this is complete see Exporting below**

Step 1: Right click on your “My Computer” icon and select Properties from that menu.  You will see the screen below. 

Click ‘Advanced’ (in red).  

Step 2: Click on the “Environment Variables” button shown below.

Step 3: Click on the “New” button.

Step 4: Enter the “Variable Name” as RA (Rating Auto).  Enter the “Variable Value” as:


Click “OK” to save.  Repeat this step, and name the second “Variable Name” RH (Rating Home).

Step 5: Verify your setup by making sure you have two variables defined – “RA” and “RH”.  Click OK to close this window.  Your machine is now ready to bridge date from Applied into your IBQ.


Step 1: In Applied, call up the customer and go to the ‘Policy List Screen’.

Step 2: Right click on the Policy to be quoted and you should then see the screen shown below.

Step 3: Select “Quote” from this menu.

Step 4: Select ‘Current’ and ‘Quote Existing Policy/App’ then click the “OK” button.

Step 5: The ‘Rating Transaction’ window will be shown.