Agency Systems / Newton


Step 1: Contact Agency Systems support to enable the upload configuration options.

Step 2: From the main screen in Agency Systems select “Other” and then “Upload Configuration”.

Step 3: Click on the ‘New’ button and then select ‘Upload to IBQ’.

Step 4: Leave all defaults and then click the ‘OK’ button.

Configuring IBQ

Step 1: Save QueueDL.exe to your \Empire\programs\ directory.

Step 2: Open IBQ and click on the Supervisor tab from the Agency Center.

Step 3: Select Agency Management Integration

Step 4: Enter the agency code you would like to configure.  Supervisors who oversee more than one location can set all branches up from this one location – without having to log into each branch.

Step 5: Select Newton. Change the drive letter for the Export path and Program string if the default is different than your current configuration.


Step 1: From Agency Systems, load the Client on one of the four Client Tabs.

Step 2: Select the DL Risk tab.

Step 3: Left click the (+) band to expand the desired policy number.

Step 4: Right click on the bottom or most-recent downloaded transaction and select Upload to IBQ.

Step 5: IBQ  will automatically open and start the import process.