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General Information

You are able to quote PEMCO home policies through the IBQ Comparative Rater.  You can quote PEMCO’s HO9 (Premier Homeowners), HO7 (Premier Condominium), and HO4 (Renters) policies.  Keep in mind that IBQ uses industry standard naming for these policies which means that:

If a customer doesn’t qualify for PEMCO’s Premier policy (either homeowner or condominium) be sure to change the policy form in Sales & Service on the Applicant page.  If you don’t change the form type and the policy doesn’t qualify for the Premier policy, the policy will most likely be rejected on the Purchase page.

For a quick reference quide of qualifications for Premier policies, see PEMCO Homeowner/Condominium/Renters Quick Reference Guide in the IBQ How Do I’s

IBQ Underwriting Kick out Reasons

Not all risks can be quoted by PEMCO.  The following are situations where a quote will not be generated.

Automatic Changes to Coverage

Some coverages are not offered in the IBQ quote system or are automatically changed to meet PEMCO’s minimums and maximums.

You will be notified of any other coverage changes on the Quote Detail page.  If you don’t understand why some of the changes were made, consult PEMCO’s underwriting guidelines.  You can also call the Sales Help Desk (1-800-917-3626) to get further clarification.