Progressive – Two Rates in IBQ

*Same coverage for a lower rate will help you increase sales*

Progressive and IBQ have worked to ensure that you see the best available Progressive Auto rates for your customers.  You will see two Progressive rates when you quote Progressive through IBQ.  The “Progressive Auto” rate will be a rate based on your quote selections.  The “Progressive Choice” rate will include eligible discounts not selected for the original quote that a client could likely purchase.

Discounts included in the “Progressive Choice” rate are:

*Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Discount or Paid-In-Full Discount

The “Progressive Choice” rate will bump the client one level into the next pay discount.  For example, if you select “Direct/Paper” it will display “EFT”.  If you select “EFT” then it will display “Paid in Full.

*Paperless Discount (where eligible)