Hawksoft – Online


Use this selection when Hawksoft is not on your network, but you access Hawksofts Online environment.  You must be using v.3.06 or greater of Hawksoft CMS.

Click on the Settings Icon, then on Integrations.

Enter the Agency code you would like to configure.

Select HAWKSOFT – ONLINE from the selection area.

Click Save when finished.  You shouldn’t need to change any of the default settings.


Highlight the quote you wish to Export.  From the drop down menu under ‘Select’, click on Export in either the Auto or Home quote.  IBQ will export the quote to your temporary Hawksoft folder.

You will receive a message in IBQ stating the quote has successfully been exported.

Step 1:  Go into the Hawksoft Online environment.

Step 2:  Browse to the \\tsclient\c\haw\transfer folder.  You can find this by going to File, Insert, and then Import.

Step 3:  Double click on the file called “hawksoft.CMSACORDXML”

Step 4: This will launch Hawksoft’s quote importer.

If any of the Hawksoft steps do not work, please contact Hawksoft to confirm export settings.