Pemco Unverifiable Address

While the United States Postal Service updates address data every month, there may be times when a valid address isn’t recognized.  It’s possible the addresses are:

* Associated to new communities, developments, or apartment complexes.

*Attached to residences that do not receive home delivery of mail and are required to have a Post Office Box.

*Located in communities of fewer than 1,000 deliverable residences.

If an address is entered into the system and can not be standardized, you will be prompted to the following pop-up window:

IBQ allows the user to continue with an un-validated address (the user gets warned a second time before the quote).

When the quote is bridged over to PS&S, the system attempts to scrub the address and call WSRB.  You may receive the message below:

Please bridge over to PEMCO Sales & Service and handle the fire class process.

In this case, you will want to bridge to Pemco to resolve this: