AMS 360

Step 1: From the Customer Info Area, highlight the quote that you are wishing to export.  Then under ‘Action’, click Export from the drop down menu.  You should get a pop up that says ‘Quote has been successfully exported to: c:\ibq\ams.al3’.

Step 2: From within AMS, Click on the Toolbox, then on Import.  Select Vendor = IBQ.  You should see Import File:  ams.al3.  Make sure the Delete File after Import is checked so you do not clutter up your folder.

Step 3: You will have the option to Create a New Customer (do this if the customer is not already in AMS360), or to Search for an Existing Customer (do this if the customer is already in AMS360).

Step 4: You will need to select a Company for the quote prior to completing the import.  After doing this, click Import.  You will see the following notice at the bottom of your page.  In this case, Testing Import is the customer name.

Step 5: From within AMS360, go to the Customer screen and search for your customer.  Your customer should be able to be found there.