Duplicate Clients

IBQ client data is compared to the name and date-of-birth of PEMCO’s existing Client records (including additional drivers).  You are able to import up to four drivers and four vehicles.

If a potential match is found, you will be prompted to confirm the match and verify if the Client records need to be merged (reference the graphic below):

* If NO select the “Match not listed/found” radio button, which will create a new client based on the Net Quote data.  Click NEXT.

* If YES the client records match, select the radio button next to each client name.  Click NEXT to merge the client records.  Click NEXT.

Users can only merge with the IBQ client with one other client.  If more than two Clients exist, merge the Client with the ‘best’ match and then contact the Sales Help Desk to address the remaining Client record


What happens if the Client information (besides Name and Date-of-Birth) from IBQ doesn’t match our Client information?

As a rule, the new IBQ data will take precedent over the existing client information.  Examples: Marital status and driver license numbers.

If IBQ has information that isn’t included in PEMCO’s Client information then the IBQ information will be retained.

Example:  Insured has a home policy with PEMCO and requests and auto quote through an agency that uses IBQ.  Since PEMCO did not require driver license numbers to create the home policy, the new information (license numbers) would be added to the existing client.

Exceptions to the Rule:

Address, Phone Numbers and E-mail Addresses:

The customer’s new address, phone number and e-mail address will be applied to the new quote.  The newly imported address will only apply to the new policy; users will need to update the address on the cross-referenced policies through an amendment.

New Violations and Accidents:

Any new violations or accidents would be retained or the new quote/application.

Can I “un-merge” the Clients?

It is important to ensure that you’ve selected the right Client since you will NOT be able to un-merge the Client data.

How many Clients (Named Insured, Additional Named Insured and Drivers) can be merged?

The user can only merge two of the same Client records together.  If Exceed has more than two Clients with the same first/last name and birth date, only the newly created Client and one of the existing Clients in Exceed can be merged.

If the applicant has additional household members or drivers, you can merge up to four of these.

Who do I contact if I need help merging Clients?

Cal the Sales Help Desk at 1-800-91-PEMCO (1-800917-3626), Press 1.  This number is exclusively for the Agent.  You can also e-mail the Sales Help Desk at [email protected].