Difference between Washington and Oregon Home


There are fewer form types available for OR.  (Note for WA: the form type HO3 vs. HO9 is not selected, but determined based on year built – pre-1950 or Residence Type = Vacant.  HO6 Coverage C is less than $50,000)

Protection Class:

IBQ allows the user to select from each of four dropdowns in OR.  WA will be prefilled for you.

After the bridge:

Once the quote has been bridged into PS&S, the system calls the ISO Location Database to determine the protection calss.  IBQ allows the agent to select a protection class for OR.  This is different from WA where IBQ calls WSRB to determine the protection class.

When you click the bridge button, IBQ will display the following message:

If the protection class is different than the one selected in IBQ, then PS&S will display this message: