How to Set Up the AMS-AFW Data Bridge and Export

From the AMS Control Center, click on Tools at the bottom of the page.  Click on Integration, then Export.

You will receive a pop up screen.  Select Setup.

Step 3: Change the ‘Vendor Type’ to ‘Other’

Change the ‘Vendor’ to ‘IBQ’

Leave the ‘Customer Type’, ‘File Type’ and ‘Export Policy’ to these defaults as shown.

Change your ‘Integration Directory’ to “C:\IBQ”

Change your ‘Integration Program’ to:


Click the “Add” button to save and exit this window.


The following steps will assist you in exporting your customer to IBQ:

From ‘Tools’ at the bottom of the page, click Integration, then Export.

Call up the customer and policy in your AMS-AFW program.  Make sure IBQ is selected as the Vendor and click Export at the bottom of the page.