You can view the Calendar (in red) and all Follow-Up’s (in green) from the Home screen.

Follow-Ups will stay here in the Task List (in green) until they are resolved or the date changed. 

Activity is grouped into three categories : Note, Follow-Up and Email. 

Note – is a general note that can be saved to a customer or a policy.

Follow-Up – a Follow-Up is similar to a note, but has a Follow-Up date to it. The Follow-Up is a great way to stay up to date with customers, as long as you keep your Task List on track! Follow-Ups can also be written back to your Outlook or Gmail calendar.

Email – you can send a customer an email and have it saved in IBQ! This feature saves you time and energy, all you have to do is turn on your email integration.

All Activities have a Subject (in red) and Comments (in green). You can add as many additional comments as you would like to keep relevant information in one location. 

You can add Attachments to all types of Activities

Click ‘Add Attachment’ (in red) and browse for a file. Or drag and drop the file into the comments (in green).