Agency Quote Defaults

Step 1: Click the Settings Icon and select Quote Default 

Step 2: You will land on the Agency Default Information Page. If you have more than one branch, you will have to enter the defaults for each branch login separately.

**If you have multiple agencies, enter your IBQ Agency Login and click ‘Search now’. **

Red – You can set the Referral question to be mandatory for either your Agents, or for WebRate.

Yellow – Ask for Company and Policy number when sold (this helps keep track of which companies you sell to).

Green – click every state that your agency rates 

Green – You can also choose to use the rating login credentials of one producer for your entire office (if you want one producer to consistently keep the login credentials correct and up to date).

Grey – Allow Producers to access the Re-Marketing section

Step 3: Click which line of business you would like to set defaults

“Personal Auto Defaults” (in pink)

Green : You can select Defaults, Quote Questions, Company Specific Questions and Company Products to rate

Red : “Policy Term” – set the term length to 6 months or annually

Green : “WebRate” – would you like the same defaults to be used on WebRate

Blue : “Type of carriers used for rater” – for Q Rater (agent facing) you can show Preferred, Non-Standard or both types of carriers

Purple : Coverage defaults

“Personal Auto Defaults” (in pink) 

Green : “Package” – show Package (home and auto) rates

Yellow : “Types of companies for WebRate” – for WebRate (consumer facing) you can show Preferred, Non-Standard or both types of carriers

Grey : “Limit type” – choose between Split and CSL

Red : Add fees